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CRB DataCenter gives you trust and integrity of price data, not normally associated with daily data packages.

For Questions Regarding CRB DataCenter, Click Here

Designed to deliver broad, deep and accurate financial and commodity information, CRB DataCenter has been one of the world's leading futures market historical databases since 1934.

The CRB DataCenter, accessible via the Internet through our CRB PowerSystem software, provides all the information an investor needs to make informed trading or hedging decisions, including:

  • Final Markets
    • End-of-day Futures and Cash price data on over 600 global markets
    • Weekly Commitments of Traders data on over 60 U.S. Futures markets
    • End-of-day Options on Futures price data on over 100 global markets
    • Daily Implied and Historic Volatility data on over 100 global markets
    • End-of-day U.S. Equities data on over 18,000 U.S. Equities
    • End-of-day Mutual Fund data on over 19,000 Mutual Funds

Historical Data Included with CRB DataCenter Startup CD

  • Futures: 10 years nearby futures, cash and COT data,
    plus 2 years individual futures and volatility contracts
  • Options: 2 years individual options contracts (puts/calls)
  • U.S. Equities and Mutual Funds: 2 years

CRB DataCenter products serve the needs of a wide subscriber community from individual traders and private investors to institutional customers like: risk management professionals, analysts, trading and investment advisors, pension/insurance investment trust fund managers, brokers/dealers, manufacturers/processors, and oil and metal processors/refiners and are offered in a variety of formats compatible with leading technical analysis software.

CRB employs direct-connect exchange data when possible and process our own feeds to ensure data is accurately processed, to provide users with a precise opening, high, low and closing (settlement) prices. Each night, prices are also double-checked against outside sources, to further assure accuracy. We check both missing prices and volume prices for spikes, so you can maintain an accurate history. Corrections are automatically sent the following day.

You need data; we have it:
  • multiple information sources
  • a highly experienced staff
  • automatic error correction
  • ASCII compatibility
  • futures
  • futures options
  • implied volatilities
  • forex rates
  • market indexes
  • market rates
  • cash information
  • nyse, nasdaq, amex, otcbb & mutual fund data

With the variety of data packages available through CRB DataCenter, you can find the ideal match to turn your computer into a powerful futures market research tool.

CRB DataCenter is used directly by many financial analysis and charting packages.

Get started with CRB DataCenter today: Call toll-free +1.800.621.5271 or +1.312.554.8456.

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